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Tuttle Publishing

チャールズ・イー・タトル出版 (Chāruzu ī tatorushuppan)

Tuttle Publishing, originally the Charles E. Tuttle Company, is a book publishing company that includes Tuttle, Periplus Editions, and Journey Editions. Publisher and book dealer Charles E. Tuttle (1915-1993) founded the company in 1948 in Tokyo, Japan, with the aim of publishing "books to span the East and West." It was the 31st corporation approved by the occupying Allied administration. In its first year of operation, the company imported and distributed U.S. paperback publications to the occupying forces, and the next year, it released its first publication. From 1951, it published many books on the Japanese language, arts, and culture, as well as translations of Japanese works into the English language. See "Tuttle Publishing". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2015-10-23.

Hiroshige's Tokaido In Prints And Poetry edited by Reiko Chiba (Tuttle Pub.)

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