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William & Victoria Dailey

ウィリアム&ビクトリアデイリー (U~Iriamu & Bikutoria Deirī)

William Dailey has had a long and intense relationship with books. Before opening his first bookshop in 1975 with partner Victoria Dailey he worked for legendary Los Angeles bookman Jake Zeitlin where he developed his life-long interest in rare books. Following in Zeitlin's footsteps he continues to deal in a broad list of subjects including literature, medicine, early printing, typography, bibliography, and alchemy. Over seventy catalogues have been published but business is now conducted primarily by the internet and book fairs. After 30 years the Melrose retail shop was closed in 2007. See "William Dailey Rare Books Ltd - Los Angeles, California". daileyrarebooks.com. 2015-10-22.

2 copies- W.H. Pinckard Jr., "A Note On Traditional Japanese Print Sizes" (1980)

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