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1960 Meeting With Japan by Fosco Maraini (Hard Cover)

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FROM THE INSIDE JACKET OF THE BOOK: For all that we have come to know about Japan in recent years, there probably still no country more alien to us, more exotic in the true sense. This magnificently imaginative and penetrating book offers a personal introduction to the Japanese today, their age-old culture, and their history. It is the work of a highly intelligent, richly informed, and observant Italian scholar, linguist, and photographer, who spent many years there as a teacher, as a wartime internee, and recently as a sympathetic traveler. Though presented in personal terms and partly in the form of a travelogue, it is cultural history on a very high level.

Reference Number1302
Item ConditionPlease see pictures.
Publications MediaHardcover
AuthorFosco Maraini
PublisherThe Viking Press, Inc.
Subject MatterHistory
Original Box/PackagingNot included.
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