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HAKONE NATIONAL PARK Japanese Wood Geta Sandal Shaped 5 Yen w/ Suzu Amulet Bell

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The reason why the five yen coin is lucky is because it’s called a “go-EN” coin. The number 5 is “go” in Japanese, and “yen” is pronounced more like “en.” To be precise, “go-EN” means “honorably good luck” especially in terms of relationships. So people throw in these coins at a temple hoping to meet new people who might bring fortune, business, friendship or love. See "Significance of the 5 yen coin". Tokiotours Website. Retrieved 2016-08-13.

Reference Number1432
Item ConditionPre-owned in excellent condition. No cracks or scratches. Please see detailed pictures.
Trading CompanyFuji-Hakone-Izu National Park
Craft MediaWood Working
MerchandiseLucky Charms
Subject MatterFive Yen Coin
Original Box/PackagingNot included.
Measure 1Dimensions, strap end-to-end: 9" length
Measure 2Dimensions, wood coin: 2" diameter
Notes五円 (5 yen), 箱根 Hakone,国立公園 (kokuritsu kouen - National Park), 升々御縁あり (Will have more good fortune, and 升々御縁あり (shiawase wo juen ni - Happiness to the family or marriage).

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