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1930s "A View of Nikko" Souvenir Photo Book (Tochigi, Japan)

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Forward: Nikko, which is situated within the reach of three hours (144 kilos by rail) by train from Tokyo, has such artificial and natural beauty that we have a saying that one should not use the word "nice" before one sees Nikko.

This album contains photographs of the historic buildings of the Rinno-ji Temple and the Toshogu Shrine, with scenic beauty around them.

This album will be one of the best souvenirs that can be taken home by the travellers and tourists who may visit Nikko, one of the national parks of Japan.

Reference Number1486
Item ConditionPre-owned in very good condition. Please see pictures.
Publications MediaTravel Guide
Subject MatterBuddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines
Measure 16" (height) x 8" (width)
Measure 217 pages
Total Weight3 oz
Image TypePrinted Photographs

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