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4 pcs KORANSHA 5" Iroe Overglazed Hand Painted Porcelain DESSERT PLATES

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Fukagawa is a family, a brand name, a place and nowadays a porcelain factory in the Arita region. Its history goes back to the seventeenth century. Fukagawa is thus a part but not all of Arita. Its history starts with Ezaiemon Fukagawa who in 1856 became head of his family's porcelain business and in 1875 founded Koransha (The Company of the Scented Orchid) in Arita, Japan, to produce tableware for export. In 1894 the modern Fukagawa company was founded by Chuji Fukagawa, with the Fukagawa trade mark of Mount Fuji and a stream, as its trade mark. In the Paris International Exposition in 1900 Chuji Fukagawa won the medaille d'or with a large Flower Vase. The Fukagawa company has served as purveyor for the Japanese Imperial Household since 1910 and only produces what we mean by white true high temperature porcelain. See Jan-Erik Nilsson. "Koransha and Fukagawa Seiji". gotheborg.com. Retrieved 2016-09-29.

Reference Number1564
Item ConditionPre-owned in excellent condition.
ThemeDecorative Plates
Japanese Pottery StyleImari Porcelain
Pottery TermIroe Overglaze Enamels
Trading CompanyKoransha
MerchandiseDessert Plates
Subject MatterOrchids
Measure 15" diameter (each)
Total Weight4 oz (each)

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