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PHILIP HENRY DODGE "Message Bearer" Edited by Colbert Naoya Kurokawa

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In 1939, Colbert Kurokawa, a Japanese-American Issei, was teaching in Japan when he published this book about Philip Henry Dodge, whose poems reflect a fondness of a harmonious U.S.-Japan relationship. It was published during the height of the Second Sino-Japanese war (between Japan and China) and there were great tensions between the United States and Japan.

Colbert Naoya Kurokawa (1890-1978) was born in Chiba Prefecture in 1890 and, rebelling from his prearranged future as a Buddhist priest, hopped on a ship at age 15 and arrived in Hawaii with 50 cents in his pocket. In his 30 years in Hawaii, Kurokawa enjoyed a high profile career in community service. He attended Honolulu's Mid-Pacific Insititute on scholarship and went on to graduate from Dickerson College in Pennsylvania in 1922. Having converted to Chrisitanity, he was a preacher for a time and a local YMCA official. He was also one of the first members of Honolulu's Lions Club. He returned to Japan in 1935 with his family to become a lecturer in English at Doshisha University until 1939. Dreadfully, two days after Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941), his passport was taken and he was interned for the following three years. See Brian Niya. "Japanese American History". New York : Facts on File (1993). pp 213-214.

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Item ConditionThe cover is significantly soiled. Interior is in good condition. Please see pictures.
Publications MediaPaperback
AuthorPhilip Henry Dodge
PublisherMARUZEN-YUSHODO Company, Limited
Notable PersonColbert Naoya Kurokawa
Measure 19.5" x 6"
Measure 2162 pages
Total Weight10 oz

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