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Arita Ware 2" Porcelain Trinket Box by Shikougama Kiln (Arita, Japan)

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Every year, Arita holds a townwide ceramics fair all through Golden Week, a cluster of national holidays lasting from April 29 to May 5. Stores throughout the town sell ceramics during the fair, and more than 850,000 people visit the small town! Products range from rice bowls priced at just ¥100 ($0.83 at ¥120 yen to the dollar) a piece to painted plates that cost tens of thousands of yen. The best part about visiting the fair is bargaining with the vendors. Visitors to the ceramics fair tend to come in strikingly similar outfits. They usually wear a hat or cap, sneakers, and work gloves and carry a backpack. Can you guess why they're dressed this way? The headgear and sneakers are for minimizing the exhaustion of walking around the fair, which extends for as long as five kilometers. The backpack is to keep both hands free, so that it's easier to look at the products. And the gloves are for wiping away the dust on the products, improving the chances of coming across a lucky find. See "The Arita Ceramics Fair". Kids Web Japan. Retrieved 2016-08-21.

Reference Number1654
Item ConditionNew
Japanese Pottery StyleArita Porcelain
Pottery KilnShikou Kiln
MerchandisePorcelain Trinket Boxes
Measure 11.5" (height) x 1.75" (diameter)
Total Weight2 oz

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