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Chugoku Region


The Chugoku region is famous for its hills and plains. Mountains running east-west divide the region into two distinct parts. In 1945, its capital city of Hiroshima was destroyed by the atomic bomb.

2 Tiny Japanese Beckoning Lucky Cats Maneki Neko Amulet From Saijo Inari Temple
2" Japanese Wabi Sabi Studio Pottery Bizen Style Guinomi Sake Cup
The Songs of Hiroshima (August 6, 1955) Signed and Translator Miyao Ohara
Daiso 4" Japanese Style Stoneware MANEKI NEKO Lucky Cat! Ten million gold coins!
4x Japanese Hana-goza: 18" Grass Reed Hand Woven Place Mats
9" Japanese Bizen Ware Cylinder Vase in Wood Box by Shoen Bizen Pottery
Kamotsuru Sake Bottle

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