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Most of the inhabitants on the Shikoku island live on the north where the land is intensely used for agriculture, producing persimmons, peaches, and grapes. The area is also famous for its Sanuki Udon (wheat noodles). The mountainous southern area is sparsely populated.

Japanese Ceramics Clay Doll (Tsuchi Ningyo) Kotohira Shrine - Friends Girls
Five 2" TOBE Style Mingei Japanese Pottery CHOKO Sake Cups by Sagawa Ceramics
Hand Made Japanese 8" LACQUERED PAPER MACHE (IKKANBARI) Ikebana Flower Basket
IKKANBARI (Japanese Traditional Laquered Paper-Mache): 5pc Hand Crafted Coasters
Vintage Japanese Princess HIME DARUMA DOLL (Japan, Matsuyama Himedaruma)

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