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Tohoku Region


The Tohoku region is known for hilly terrains, beautiful scenery, and harsh climates. In March 2011, the world watched with concern as a devastating earthquake and tsunami destroyed the Tohoku coastlines, causing a radioactive emergency at Fukuoka prefecture's power plants. The resilient residents continue to rebuild the damaged areas.

Kiyoshi Saito Sosaku Hanga Small Japanese Modern Woodblock Print
4pcs Somayaki-Running Horse Jade handled: 2 Tea Cups and 2 Saucers. [Japan]
Japan's Folk Art (Mingeihin): 5" MIHARU-GOMA. Wooden Horses for Healthy Children
OCCUPIED JAPAN (1947-1952): MARUNI Metal Base Lacquerware 8 Coasters and 1 Case.
Five 3" Akita Shiraiwayaki Style Japanese Teacups by Waheegama (Kiln)
Japanese Wooden Scroll Doll (Sayonara Kokeshi) with Paper Scrolling Kimono
Masao Ohba (Oba, Ooba), Framed Unglazed Paperscreen Print, "Shoujyo (Girl)"
5" Japanese SASANO ITTOBORI Hand Carved Wooden HAWK (Made In Japan)
4" Japanese SASANO ITTOBORI Hand Carved Wooden OWL (Made In Japan)

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