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Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines

寺 (Tera)

Along with Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples in Japan are very important religious buildings. The Japanese word for a Buddhist temple is tera (寺), and the same kanji also has the pronunciation ji, so temple names often end with -ji or -dera. There is also another ending, -in (院), which are normally used for minor temples. Famous temples as Enryaku-ji, Kiyomizu-dera, and Kotoku-in illustrate the naming patterns. In Japan, Buddhist temples exist in harmony with Shinto shrines, and both share the basic features of Japanese traditional architecture. For example, the torii gates, which are usually associated only with Shinto, may be found at Buddist temples. See "Buddhist Temples in Japan". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2014-12-14.

1950 Japan: 10 (Ten) Yen Bronze Coin, Showa 25th Year, Byodo-In Buddhist Temple
Beautiful Japanese Tapestry Of Kinkaku-ji, Temple of the Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan
TOMIKICHIRO TOKURIKI Framed Sosaku-Hanga Japanese Woodblock Print Of Nara, Japan
1930s "A View of Nikko" Souvenir Photo Book (Tochigi, Japan)
Hanging Scroll Tapestry 1965 Calendar Nikko National Park
Hanging Scroll Tapestry 70s Calendar Kamakura Japan Kotoku Temple Great Buddha
3.5" ENOSHIMA KAMAKURA Japanese Omamori Fabric Amulet
Tomikichiro TOKURIKI Sosaku-Hanga Woodblock Print "Kofukuji Pagoda" Nara, Japan

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