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蝶々 (Chōchō)

To the Japanese people, the butterfly has a spiritual meaning, a symbolic meaning, and an artistic meaning. Spiritually, many say that the butterfly carries the souls of the dead because the caterpillars transform into butterflies and go through the cycle of birth, transformation, and death. Symbolically, the butterfly represents a girl in love and girls transforming into a graceful lady. They also symbolize springtime and happy marriages. Artistically, butterflies can be found on traditional clothing, paintings, and pottery. See truefaith7. "The Art of the Japanese Butterfly". HubPages. Retrieved 2014-12-12.

10" Japanese SUSHI PLATTER: Hand Painted Butterfly In Fused GLASS w/Air Bubbles.
NIPPON (1891-1921): Lidded Sugar Bowl, Plate & Spoon (Hand Painted Butterfly)

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