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Traditional Okinawan Costume

りゅうそう (Ryū-sō)

Okinawa Traditional Costume, known as "Ryuso" is actually called "Ushinchi". It is designed to match Okinawan climate of high temperature and high humidity. The sleeve is rather wide for airy construction reason, and the textile fabric is very thin. You will feel the lightness of textile when you put them on. Textile is made by cloth of Bashofu - Okinawan specific perennial plants. So not only the technique, also the textile is a special product of Okinawa. See "Okinawa Traditional Costume - Ryuso". Inside Okinawa. Retrieved 2015-01-27.

Okinawa Bamboo 6 Coasters and 1 Holder. Traditional Ryuso Costume/Shuri Castle.

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