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竹 (Take)

29" Large Natural Bamboo Ikebana Vase w/ Copper Holder and Black Lacquer Lining
Authentic High Quality Chinese Douli Conical Asian Rickshaw Bamboo Hat
23" Natural Bamboo Root Ikebana Vase/Planter; Copper Holder, Lacquer Lining
4 Chinese Bamboo Weaved Trays With Sumi-e Black Ink Hand Paintings
15" RANTAI Style Lacquered Bamboo Knitted Tray
OCCUPIED JAPAN (1947-1952): MARUNI Metal Base Lacquerware 8 Coasters and 1 Case.
Vintage Japanese 4" Handmade Bamboo Toys / Brain Teasers / Puzzles
Hand Made Japanese 8" LACQUERED PAPER MACHE (IKKANBARI) Ikebana Flower Basket
Vintage 6.5" Japanese Hand Painted Porcelain Gourd Vase (Unsigned, Ikebana)
2pc Japanese Bamboo Vases (Ikebana, Wabi Sabi)

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