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Goddess of Mercy

観音 (Kannon)

In Japanese, Guanyin is pronounced Kannon. Guanyin is an East Asian goddess of mercy, and a bodhisattva associated with compassion as venerated by Mahayana Buddhists. The name Guanyin is short for Guanshiyin, which means "Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the World". Some Buddhists believe that when one of their adherents departs from this world, they are placed by Guanyin in the heart of a lotus, and then sent to the western pure land of Sukhāvatī. Commonly known in English as the Mercy Goddess or Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin is also revered by Chinese Taoists as an immortal. See "Guanyin". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2014-11-12.

HOMCO 12" White Porcelain Kannon Goddess Of Mercy Figurine
3.5" OFUNA KANNON TEMPLE Japanese Omamori Fabric Amulet
3" Kannon Guanyin Encased Plastic Figure With Red Knitted Fabric Hanger
Pair Of Vintage Porcelain Kuan Yin/Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) Figurines (Japan)
Antique 7" Carved Soapstone of Asian Diety (Kuan Yin, Kannon)

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