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Japanese Calligraphy

書道 (shodō)

Japanese calligraphy is a form of calligraphy, or artistic writing, of the Japanese language. For a long time, the most esteemed calligrapher in Japan had been Wang Xizhi, a Chinese calligrapher in the 4th century, but after the invention of Hiragana and Katakana, the Japanese unique syllabaries, the distinctive Japanese writing system developed and calligraphers produced styles intrinsic to Japan. See "Japanese Calligraphy". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2014-12-25.

Vintage KUTANI Style Ceramics. Porcelain Japanese Sake Set: 1 Flask & 4 Cups.
Vintage Japanese 2" Little KUTANI Toothpick Holder (Made In Japan)
Vintage 4 pc Japanese KUTANI Porcelain Tea Set w/ Calligraphy (Made In Japan)

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