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Japanese Phoenix

鳳凰 (Hōō)

In Japan, as earlier in China, the mythical Phoenix was adopted as a symbol of the imperial household, particularily the empress. This mythical bird represents fire, the sun, justice, obedience, fidelity, and the southern star constellations. According to legend (mostly from China), the Phoenix appears very rarely, and only to mark the beginning of a new era -- the birth of a virtuous ruler, for example. In other traditions, the Phoenix appears only in peaceful and prosperous times (nesting, it is said, in paulownia trees), and hides itself when there is trouble. As the herald of a new age, the Phoenix decends from heaven to earth to do good deeds, and then it returns to its celestial abode to await a new era. It is both a symbol of peace (when the bird appears) and a symbol of disharmony (when the bird disappears). See "Ho-o Phoenix". Japanese Buddhist Statuary. Retrieved 2014-12-12.

Okinawa Bingata Resist-Dyed Japanese Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth (Shuri, Hibiscus)
YAMATOKU 1920s Arita Nabeshima Style Polychrome 12.5" Japanese Phoenix Charger
YAMATOKU Kiln Arita Nabeshima Japanese Style Polychrome 12.5" Charger (c. 1950)
Imari  18" Large Oval Japanese Serving Platter / Stencil Phoenix & Floral Design
MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN: 4" Porcelain Phoenix Figurine (1947-1952)

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