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Magic Hammer

打ち出の小槌 (Uchidenokodzuchi)

Uchide-no-Kozuchi is a legendary Japanese "magic hammer" which can "tap out" anything wished for. This treasure is also rendered into English as "magic wishing mallet," "lucky hammer," or "the mallet of fortune." In popular belief, magic wooden hammer is a standard item held in the hand of the iconic deity Daikoku-ten, who is often represented as figurines, statues, netsukes, and in architecture. It is also a stock item in popular tales. In Issun-boshi ("One-Inch Boy"), the hero gains the mallet defeating an ogre (oni) and amass wealth, while in modern embellishments, he even transforms himself into full adult-size. In Momotaro ("Peach Boy"), the mallet is captured from the ogres in Onigashima, alongside the kakure mino (raincoat of invisibility) and kakurekasa (hat of invisibility). The notion that ogres possessed this prized mallet dates much earlier than the tales, which are part of the otogizoshi collection from the Muromachi Period. It can be traced at as far back as The Tale of Heike (ca. 1240). See "Uchide No Kozuchi". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2014-10-26.

VINTAGE JAPANESE KIMEKOMI DOLL: 8" Uchide No Kozuchi the "Miracle Mallet"

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