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Noh Masks

能面 (Nōmen)

As Noh is an art form that utilizes masks, there is a great variety of them. There were originally about 60 basic types of noh masks, but today there are well over 200 different kinds in use. Covering the face with a mask is much like wearing makeup. However, noh performers feel that the noh mask has a certain power inherent in it which makes it much more spiritual than a prop used to change ones appearance. Taking into account the status of a certain noh, the noh performer will carefully choose a noh mask, known also as a noh-men or omote. In most cases, the exact mask is not predetermined, but depending on which noh is being done, the shite has a variety to choose from. In the end, it is up to the shite to make the final determination as to which mask is chosen. See "Masks". TheNoh.com. Retrieved 2014-11-12.

Vintage Sterling Cufflinks Japanese Male Noh Masks
Vintage Cufflinks Japanese Okina Noh Mask 1/20 12kt Gold Filled
3" KOITO BAKED POTTERY shaped as Japanese Bell (Suzu) w/ Mask (Made In Japan)

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