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蘭 (Ran)

4 pcs KORANSHA 5" Iroe Overglazed Hand Painted Porcelain DESSERT PLATES
Vintage KORANSHA 10" Iroe Overglazed Hand Painted Porcelain Dinner Plate
KORANSHA 9" Bulb Vase Hand Painted Blue Orchid
Three Framed Japanese Sumi-e Paintings by Miye Nishimura
KAMAKURA-BORI Japanese Lacquered Carved Wood: 12" Round Tray With Floral Design
5pc Vintage KORANSHA Japanese Ceramics: 1 Large Plate and 4 Small Plates.
3" KORANSHA Japanese Teapot (Made In Japan)
5pc KORANSHA 5" Cobalt Blue hand-painted square porcelain plates (Made In Japan)

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