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Created as an old temple town, Kaga city was greatly developed by the Maeda clan in the early Edo period. Today, Kaga is an important tourist city with a number of temples and hot-springs. See "Kaga, Ishikawa". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2014-11-07.

Kutani Japanese Tea Set: Black & Gold Hand Painted. [1 pot & 6 cups]
Vintage KUTANI Style Ceramics. Porcelain Japanese Sake Set: 1 Flask & 4 Cups.
Vintage Five KUTANI Porcelain Japanese 2" Sake Cups
Rare KUTANI Porcelain Daruma (Bodhidharma) Piggy Bank. Symbolize Perseverance!
4 Japanese KUTANI Hand Painted Crackle Glazed Porcelain Teacups w/Persimmon Poem
Vintage Japanese 2" Little KUTANI Toothpick Holder (Made In Japan)
3pcs Antique 2" Japanese KUTANI Hand Painted Porcelain Tea Cups
Vintage KUTANI Porcelain Demitasse Cup And Saucer (Made In Japan)
Vintage 4 pc Japanese KUTANI Porcelain Tea Set w/ Calligraphy (Made In Japan)
Vintage 21 pc Japanese KUTANI Porcelain Coffee Set w/ LITHOPANE Cups (Japan)

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