okiboy novelties and collectibles

Vintage Mounted Silk Painting, Shan Shui Mountain Water, Color Ink Wash
Vintage Mounted Silk Painting, Moutains Stilt Houses Over Water, Color Ink Wash
GORO KUMAGAI "A Landscape" Abstract Etching, Epreuve D'Artiste, Pencil Signed
Hand Painted Silk Painting, Chinese Landscape, Color Ink Wash, Literati, mounted
NORIE SATO, "Filtration Canyon", Original Lithograph, (32x26 Glass Framed)
Military Currency B Type (1946-1958) Hundred 100 Yen A29561258A (Okinawa, Japan)
Military Payment Certificate - Ten Cents - Series 481 D15269057D
Military Currency B Type (1946-1958) Ten 10 Yen A47808751A (Okinawa, Japan)
The Japanese Government Fifty Centavos PI (1943 Southern Development Bank Note)
Military Currency B Type (1946-1958) Twenty 20 Yen A30824013A (Okinawa, Japan)
Japan Currency - 100 Yen - Japanese Banknote Series B (1950-1953) JB443561M
Japanese Wabi-Sabi Ikebana Small Earthenware Vase With Frog Pinholder
"AUTUMN" Chinese Landscape: Silk Painting, Color Ink Wash, Literati, Glass Frame
"SPRING" Chinese Landscape: Silk Painting, Color Ink Wash, Literati, Glass Frame
"WINTER" Chinese Landscape: Silk Painting, Color Ink Wash, Literati, Glass Frame
"SUMMER" Chinese Landscape: Silk Painting, Color Ink Wash, Literati, Glass Frame
Elgin Quartz Westminister Chime 17" Old-Fashioned Wall Clock
New Southern Sippers Serving Bowl by Southern Living at Home Collection 40939
Japanese Ohitsu: Dark Red Lacquered Rice Serving Bowl (Made In Japan)
Vintage KUTANI Large 12" Hand Painted Iroe Overglaze Enamel Plate
Fitz and Floyd 14" Oval Serving Platter "Coquillier" (Japan)
FUKUI ASAHIDO Ukiyo-e Uchiwa-e Japanese Holding Fan Greeting Card (Fisherman)
FUKUI ASAHIDO Ukiyo-e Uchiwa-e Japanese Holding Fan Greeting Card (Family)
Vtg AVON Wild Country After Shave Collectible Bottle NATCHEZ Paddle Steamboat
MIKASA 8" Tea/Coffee Pot 'Continental Silk Flowers' Microwave Safe (Japan)
Pegge Hopper,  "Popoki II" Giclee Print (7.5" x 5"), Signed By Artist
1946 Britannica Book of the Year
29" Large Natural Bamboo Ikebana Vase w/ Copper Holder and Black Lacquer Lining
Vintage BOEING BELT BUCKLE Brass Airplane 707 727 737 757 Jumbo Jet Flight Space
7 American Legion 40&8 Pins (40,41,42,57,59,WN-53,French RR) - Abrahams Wool Hat
Antique 1943 Trench Art Bullet Casing Lighter With British Halfpenny & Farthing
9.5" Gray Porcelain Vase by Bijyutsu Toki Japan
Vintage 8" Porcelain Cherub Wine Glass
Vintage Lefton Pair 3" Santa Clause With Bell Christmas Ornament
Fitz and Floyd Pair of 3" Hand Painted Pink Tulip Candleholders
Fitz & Floyd Essentials Bunny Blooms 8" Decorative Teapot (Leaking)
Fitz & Floyd Essentials Bunny Blooms Decorative Serving Plate
2002 ICHIRO: The Making Of An American Hero by Roland Lazenby
1973 The Garden Art Of Japan by Masao Hayakawa (Hard Cover)
Vintage Brass Candlestick Holder Made In India 3.5" x 7.25"
Vintage 7" Delft Blue White Porcelain Dutch Fisherman Made In Japan
Vintage 6" Hotei Laughing Buddha Ceramic Figurine INCENSE Holder
Kundo - Kieninger & Obergfell Torsion Pendulum Clock Brass Glass Case W. Germany
Vintage Framed Woodblock Print Chinese Backpack, Cap, Cane, And Temple
Japanese 2.75" Meiji Era Lacquered Inro Pillbox Lobster Fishes
Vintage 4" Hand Carved Hotei Laughing Buddha Stone Figurine
Japanese Hand Carved Netsuke - Iwazaru: Speak No Evil Monkey
HOMCO 12" White Porcelain Kannon Goddess Of Mercy Figurine
Vintage Japanese Hand Painted Bamboo and Birds Guinomi Sake Cups (3 pcs)
Earthen Vessels Pottery - Small Dish Oak Leaf Hydrangea by Michelle Curtis
Japanese 1.25" Small Hand Shaped Green Glazed Red Clay Guinomi Sake Cup
Pier1Imports 4 Pairs Of Japanese Chopsticks And 4 Holders
Yugioh MRD-103 MUSICIAN KING - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh MRL-070 RYU-RAN - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh MRD-072 JELLYFISH - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh MRD-051 QUEEN'S DOUBLE - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh MRL-034 TOLL - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh MRL-058 STONE OGRE GROTTO - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh LOB-008 BASIC INSECT - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh LOB-046 FOREST - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh PSV-080 BITE SHOES - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh PSV-093 THE ALL-SEEING WHITE TIGER - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh PSV-031 LIGHT OF INTERVENTION - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh LON-032 AMAZON ARCHER - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh LOB-004 SKULL SERVANT - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh LOB-074 HARD ARMOR - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh LON-022 LIGHTNING BLADE - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh LOB-047 WASTELAND - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh LOB-082 KUMOOTOKO - Mint Unlimited Edition
Yugioh LON-067 Spirit Of Flames - Mint Unlimited Edition
Nelpin Mfg DAINTEESHAVE Travel Shaver with GILLETTE Double Edge Blade c.1953
LENOX Classics Santa's Special Delivery Christmas 2000 Annual Ornament
Vintage Silver Plated Cat Ring Holder. Made in Hong Kong
Japanese Kacho-e/Ukiyoe Woodblock Print Utagawa HIROSHIGE "Bird and Plum"
Insulated Storage Bag For Japanese Obento Lunch Boxes
Japanese Men's Tabi Split Toe Socks For Sandal, Zori, Thonged-footware -- Dragon
Vintage Zippo Lighter Pat.2517191 (c1950-57) WWII Veteran U.S. Air Force Academy
Vintage KAY-CEE AUTOMATIC LIGHTER JAPAN Pocket Lighter Advertise Iowa State Traveler
Vintage CONTINENTAL JAPAN Pocket Lighter Advertise For OASIS Menthol Cigarettes
Two Vintage PRINCESS HOUSE Exclusive Fine Porcelain Japan Floral Footed Cups
3.5" Japanese Hakuji White Porcelain Small Leaf Shaped Dish
Vintage 60's METRO JAPAN 2" Pocket Lighter Advertise For Layne & Bowler Pumps
Vintage 1950's RONSON "Standard" Pocket Lighter USPat.19023 (USA)
Harley Davidson 4 EXPRES Mini Fat Boy Mug Shots New In Box
Vintage Hand Painted Porcelain Garden Geisha Salt Pepper Shaker Made In Japan
Two Japanese Maneki Neko: 4" Japanese Lucky Grown Up Cats
Authentic High Quality Chinese Douli Conical Asian Rickshaw Bamboo Hat
Vintage Mr Bartender Chrome Jigger Pour Stopper Spout With Box
Vintage Made In Japan Collectible Chalkware Planter Boy and Girl On Snowman
Wood Carved Samurai Inro Pill Box And Rabbit Netsuke by Nissho
Kakemono Hanging Scroll: Chinese Landscape Calligraphy Painting
The YAMATO Collection 5 VHS (11 hrs 31 min, Voyager Entertainment, 1995)
NANCY CHIEN-ERIKSEN Matted Watercolor Lithograph Print "Carousel" (1986)
10 Pairs Wood 10" Chinese Chopsticks With Sages Titled "Chinese Technology"
2 copies- W.H. Pinckard Jr., "A Note On Traditional Japanese Print Sizes" (1980)
Two Creative Kokeshi 2" Japanese Wood Girl Doll Hangers
Rare Modern Chinese Woodblock Print "Chinese Landscape" (Glass Framed)
Vintage 3" PILCHER Compact Gold Plate on Silver Finish Hawaii Map
Paint-It-Yourself Japanese Furin Wind Chime With Tanzaku Wishing Message Slip
Pair Asian Brass Foo Dogs (Guardian Lion) 3.5" Candle Holders
23" Natural Bamboo Root Ikebana Vase/Planter; Copper Holder, Lacquer Lining
LASTING MEMORIES Decorative 6" Grandmother Plate American Greetings 1978 Japan
Vintage IW RICE Japan 4" Yellow Cherub Porcelain Soap Dish
28 pc Vintage CREATIVE FINE CHINA Japan 1014 Platinum Star Burst
Matted Large PATRICK NAGEL Lithograph "Mirage"
Vintage West Germany 3.5" F&N Brass Wind-Up Humble Alarm Clock (Working)
2 COMMODORE Ceramic White Angel Candle Holders Made in Japan
Made In Occupied Japan 4" Porcelain Figurine of Boy With Turtle
Made In Occupied Japan 4" Porcelain Figurine of Renaissance Era Girl (TS Stamp)
Vintage Porcelain 6.5 Inch Dutch Boy and Girl Figurines Made In Japan
LASTING MEMORIES Decorative Birthday 6" Plate by American Greetings 1983 Japan
Vintage Sterling Cufflinks Japanese Badge With Flower
Vintage Sterling Cufflinks Leaves
Vintage Sterling Cufflinks Japanese Male Noh Masks
Vintage Cufflinks Japanese Okina Noh Mask 1/20 12kt Gold Filled
The Japanese Mind:Essentials of Japanese Philosophy and Culture by Charles Alexa
Tiny Japanese Hanging Ornaments: Straw Angels, Geta, Okobo, and Kokeshi
PRICE IMPORT JAPAN Porcelain Turning Music Box "Romeo and Juliet Love Theme"
4" Wood Grain Plastic Japanese Soup Bowl (Resembles Wood And Lacquer)
Edo Period Laquer Kanzashi Hair Ornament Kushi Comb With Mother-Of-Pearl c.1840
Kazuhiro Sasaki Bobblehead Seattle Mariners SGA  (Stadium Givaway Sept 8, 2001)
VTG 12" Japanese Lacquered Tray Sprinkled Gold Maki-e Image Of Sensu Hand Fan
Two Japanese Tea/Sake Cups With Ukiyoe Beauty (Nakagama Japan)
Vintage BEDA "November Chrysanthemum Angel" Masquerade Figurine Made in Japan
Vintage 1950's YONA "Say Your Prayers" Angel Figurine Made in Japan
Japanese Hariko Paper Mache Zodiac Blessing Rooster 7" Bobblehead Doll
Japanese Kokeshi Samurai Drama MITO KOUMON Suke, Kaku, and Koumon-san
1950s Vintage MARUHON WARE 7" Tomato Shaped Lidded Bowl with Bamboo Handle
4 Chinese Bamboo Weaved Trays With Sumi-e Black Ink Hand Paintings
2pc VTG 3" Crackle Glazed Hand Painted Oranda Bagpipe Boy Salt Shakers (Japan)
Two Japanese 6" Wooden Noodle/Soup/Donburi Bowls
Vintage Royal Duchess Mountain Bell 4.7" Saucer Fine China Bavaria Germany
Small Japanese 5" Stoneware Round Vase with Decorative Green/Blue Glaze
Brown & Richie Ltd Oriental Gardens 6" Crackle Glazed Transferware Bowl (Japan)
3" Kannon Guanyin Encased Plastic Figure With Red Knitted Fabric Hanger
Old Japanese Lacquered 9" Wood Box Hand Painted Tsuru Crane
Old Japanese Orange Neguro Lacquered 7" Wood Box Hand Painted Bird and Flowers.
Walking Stick/Cane - Carved Bamboo, Japan, Early Meiji Period
Vintage Newport Cigarette Advertising Flip Up Address Book
Daiso 3" Gold Color Porcelain MANEKI NEKO Good Fortune! Ten million gold coins!
Vintage 5" Glazed Porcelain Hand Painted Art Deco Ashtray Made In Japan
Vintage Lefton Baby Girl Holding Puppy Dog Figurine Planter Trinket Box
Vintage 3.5" Playing Cats Porcelain Figurines [Made In Japan]

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