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Seto is located in the hilly northern region of Aichi Prefecture, bordering Gifu Prefecture. In English, the name of Seto translate to "the place where the river runs quickly." However, while there is a river in Seto, it is not significantly large, nor quick-moving. Seto City is famous for its pottery and ceramics, so much so that the generic word for ceramics in Japanese is setomono. The main street along the river is lined with dozens of pottery shops. Every 3rd Saturday and Sunday in September, there is a very large pottery festival called Setomono Matsuri. This festival attracts about 20,000 visitors from around Japan and abroad every year. See "Seto, Aichi". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2014-11-07.

4" Japanese White Clay Doll-Zodiac DOG Doll Suzu Bell-Yakushi Kiln (chipped)
3" Japanese White Clay Doll-Zodiac Tiger Doll Suzu Bell-Yakushi Kiln (chipped)

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