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ダイソー (Daisō)

Daiso or The Daiso (ザ・ダイソー) is a large franchise of 100-yen shops in Japan, owned by Daiso Sangyo Corp. (株式会社大創産業 kabushiki gaisha daiso sangyo, headquarters: Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture). Daiso has a range of over 100,000 goods, of which over 40 percent are imported goods, many of them from China. Many of these are own-brand goods. On October 2, 2005, the first store in the United States opened for business in Alderwood Mall located in Lynnwood, Washington near Seattle, WA. This store is much smaller at only 442 square meters (approx. 4,750 square feet), and items were originally one of three prices, $1, $1.50, & $2 (all USD). The current inventory now includes packaged food and items are now priced up to $8, though most items are at the $1.50 price point. Daiso officials have said they plan to open as many as twenty stores or more in the United States. See "Daiso". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2014-11-05.

Insulated Storage Bag For Japanese Obento Lunch Boxes
Japanese Men's Tabi Split Toe Socks For Sandal, Zori, Thonged-footware -- Dragon
Two Japanese Maneki Neko: 4" Japanese Lucky Grown Up Cats
Paint-It-Yourself Japanese Furin Wind Chime With Tanzaku Wishing Message Slip
Daiso 4" Japanese Style Stoneware MANEKI NEKO Lucky Cat! Ten million gold coins!
Daiso 3" Gold Color Porcelain MANEKI NEKO Good Fortune! Ten million gold coins!
Maneki Neko: 3" Japanese Lucky Cat Holding Red Tai Fish
Maneki Neko: 4" Japanese lucky MOM cat, an Asian charm. Attracts good fortune!
Three (3 pcs) Little 3" Kokeshi (Wood Dolls) Produced By Daiso Japan
Maneki Neko: 4" Japanese Lucky Cat (right paw raised). Attracts good fortune!
Maneki Neko: 4" Japanese lucky cat, an Asian charm. Attracts good fortune!

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