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Eddie Bauer

エディー・バウアー (Edī bauā)

The company was first established in 1920 in Seattle by Pacific Northwest outdoorsman, Eddie Bauer (1899 - 1986). In 1940 Bauer patented the first quilted down jacket. He went on to patent numerous other designs, and his was the first independent company that the United States Army hired and allowed to use a logo on the Army-issued uniform. In Japan, Eddie Bauer, Inc. and Otto-Japan, Inc. joined together to develop Eddie Bauer stores and distribute catalogs in Japan. The company also has the licensing rights for the use of Eddie Bauer trademarks in Japan. The company opened its first store in September 1994 in Tokyo. See "Eddie Bauer". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2015-01-23.

Eddie Bauer Lambs Wool Cable Cardigan Sweater Cream Medium (Made In Japan)

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