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イナルコ (Inaruko)

The Inarco Company known as International Art Ware Corporation started in Cleveland Ohio, and was founded by Irwin Garber in 1960. The company began with the name International Art ware Corporation, better known as INARCO. A designer by trade, Garber had a penchant for the artistic side of figurines; indeed, his own wife, Roselle, is believed to have been a model for a number of the company's head vases. In its beginnings, the company imported ceramic and glass floral containers and giftware. In 1986, INARCO moved to Jacksonville, Florida, after it was purchased by Japanese giftware distributor, Napco. See "Brief History of Inarco, Lefton, and Napco". Midwest Sales Court. 2008-07-16. Retrieved 2014-11-05.

Vintage Inarco Japan 3" Tea Cup (no saucer) E-3141 Flower Cup

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