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Kamotsuru Brewery

賀茂鶴酒造 (Kamotsurushi)

Kamotsuru brewery has come to represent all that Hiroshima sake is, Kamotsuru was the sake of choice for feudal lords that stayed in Saijo in the Edo period (1604-1868). The brewery took the name "Kamotsuru" in 1873. The sake is brewed using superior sake rice such as Yamada Nishiki, Hattan and Senbon Nishiki. Making the most of the skills of the Hiroshima guild of toji, Kamotsuru began making ginjo and daiginjo early and, more than 50 years ago, was the first brewery to make such sake available to the public. Beginning in 1973, the brewery started a winning streak of 18 gold medals in the National New Sake Competition. See "KAMOTSURU". Saijo Sake: Taste Of Japan. Retrieved 2014-11-12.

Kamotsuru Sake Bottle

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