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Meito China

メイトウ チャイナ (Meitou chaina)

Meito was founded in 1908 as Nagoya Seito Sho by former Noritake engineer Kotero Asukai. Production bore the backstamp "Meito," which means "fine sword" or "excellent sword." The name is, no doubt, a nod to the company's headquarters in Nagoya, Japan, a city famed for its shrine of the sacred sword that is one of Japan's crown jewels. As other Noritake engineers and artists joined Asukai, Meito wares came to closely resemble those of its competitor. Meito was acquired by Sumitomo Steel Corporation during World War II, and Sumitomo changed the company name to Narumi Seito Narumi but continued to use the Meito backstamps. Continuing production during the American Occupation, Meito expanded into the American market with showrooms in New York, Chicago, Dallas, and New Orleans. Meito backstamps tell the story of the major production lines. They typically indicate the line, as well as the particular pattern, and each line has a specific shape. See Brian Adler. "The History of Meito China". eHow. Retrieved 2014-11-05.

Vintage MEITO CHINA Hand Painted 2" Porcelain Tea Cup (Made In Japan)

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