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Oike & Co., Ltd.

株式会社オオイケ (Kabushikigaisha ōike)

OIKE & Co., Ltd. was founded in 1876 as a manufacturer and seller of gold and silver thread for use in traditional embroidery. Over the succeeding years they became leading producer of decorative materials for kimono and handicrafts-including metallic yarns and powders-and of packaging materials for keeping food fresh, such as film processed using vapor deposition. They were pioneers in the use of dry and wet coating technologies in manufacturing. The OIKE is a company with deep roots in the region and society of Kyoto. See "Oike Company Information". Oike & Co., Ltd. Retrieved 2014-11-05.

Two 9" Japanese Kyo-Osana (Kyoto Children) Dolls: Boy and Girl In Kimono

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