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Arnart Imports, Inc.

アナルト (Anaruto)

Arnart was founded in 1953 in Japan to produce porcelain art, and has offices on 5th Avenue in New York, New York under their new name, Arnart Imports Inc. See "About Erich Stauffer Figurines". Erich Stauffer Figurines. Retrieved 2014-11-05. The company is still in operation and is currently located in 230 Fifth Avenue, New York. The company specializes in porcelain gifts and decorative accessories. First registrated trade mark is the Crown and A's mark registred April 30, 1953. A mark looking like a bee hive, was first used the last of December 1957. Both were cancelled in 2001. See "Arnart Imports Porcelain". Erich Stauffer Figurines. Retrieved 2014-11-04.

2 pc Japanese SATSUMA 4.5" Porcelain Ashtrays (c.1979)

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