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Sankyo Seiki

三協精機 (Sankyō Seiki)

In 1946, a year after the World War II, Sankyo Seiki(now Nidec Sankyo Corporation) was established at Suwa, and 2 years later Sankyo started developing a music box. The first 6 sets of music boxes(which played "Hanschen klein") were produced experimentally but the teeth were broken soon one after another. Though remained 2 sets, it was said bad sound as like striking the bottom of a bucket. In the end of 1948, Sankyo finally was able to ship its first 500 music boxes. Later, Sankyo once provided over 90% of worldwide music box industry with the development, production engineering and the global sales network. See "The History of Music Box". A Nidec Group Company Sankyo. Retrieved 2015-05-20.

Vintage 7" SANKYO Porcelain Turning Music Box "Theme Song To Love Story" (Japan)

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