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Shafford China

シャフォード (Shafōdo)

Shafford exported pieces to the United States from Japan starting in the 1940s and ending in the 1970s. Shafford produced china planter mugs depicting famous people, music boxes, figurines, pitchers, pill cups, candle holders and a host of other novelty items. Shafford used a variety of labels on their china. Certain Shafford dinnerware is marked with a foil label that says "Japan." Figurines have different types of marking. They may be marked with numbers; some Shafford cats made in the 1960s are marked with Roman numerals, according to the Animal Figurines Gallery Index. Other pieces may be marked as hand-painted or as fine china, while others may bear a foil sticker marked "Shafford Japan." Shafford egg coddlers may be marked simply as "Shafford." See Suzanne Robin. "History of Shafford Pottery". eHow. Retrieved 2014-11-11.

5" Hand Painted Porcelain Salt Pepper Shaker by SHAFFORD CHINA (Made In Japan)

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