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Shirayuki Hand Towel

白雪ふきん (Shirayuki)

Many years, our house we were also engaged in the mosquito net manufacturing industry but also lifestyle changes along with the trends of the times, mosquito nets are beginning to lose the place that can help. Is very useful where it is sewn I repeat applique that can be when you cut the mosquito net cloth, originally had give private, acquaintances and friends as a dishcloth, has established the dimensions of certain recent years in popularity of so much, we have manufactured and sold. For until now, to wipe your only (August 7), and I am allowed to donated every year once a year in Nara Todaiji Great Buddha. The revived now and tradition of textile technology that previous people have left, we aim to create products that can assist you everyone. See "白雪ふきんのあゆみ History of Shirayuki Fukin". 白雪ふきん Shirayuki Fukin. Retrieved 2014-11-05.

SHIRAYUKI FUKIN: Japanese Yuzen Dyed Thin Netted Hand Cloth 12"x16"

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