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Shofu China

ショーフ (Shōfu)

Shofu Katei III was born into a traditional pottery family from Seto, and early on recognized as a ceramics prodigy. Later he moved to Kyoto where he was adopted into the prestigious Shofu family, which ran a kiln creating Kiyomizu-style ceramics. Ultimately, he would inherit the Shofu family business and continue making traditional Japanese pottery. However, he grew up during the Meiji Period when Japan was quickly learning western industrial technologies. Consequently, he incorporated European ceramic techniques (i.e., painting, firing, and forming) to the traditional Japanese pottery methods, mass-producing porcelain products. Naturally, as a potter, he started with dinnerware that could be exported to Western countries. But he went further by making other unconventional porcelain products, such as insulators and dentures! To produce these super durable items, he developed extremely advanced processes and techniques. Indeed, a company he founded, the Shofu Dental Corp, is now a world renowned dental materials and equipment manufacturer. However, while a man that modernized Japanese ceramics, as a master of the tea ceremony, he was very traditional in his every day life. See "建築探偵・近代日本の洋館をさぐる Exploring Western Architecture in Japan". YouTube Videos. Retrieved 2014-10-30.

3" SHOFU CHINA Vintage Small Moriage Dragon Ash Tray (Kyoto)
Two (2x) 2.25" Footed Porcelain Cups and Saucers by SHOFU CHINA

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