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Takenouchi Magohachi

竹内孫八 (Takeuchi Magohachi)

Takenouchi Magohachi was born around 1780, the second son of Takenouchi Magoshichi, a pawnbroker. He worked as an illustrator from 1832 signing his work Bizan, and around the same started to publish his own and other's work. The business presumably flourished as Takenouchi Magohachi opened a branch in I/1836. Production of new prints slowed and he died on 21/VII/1854.

By 1832, Takenouchi Magohachi had started to publish Hiroshige's most successful series The Fifty-three Stations on the Tokaido - Tokaido gojusan tsugi no uchi, known as the Hoeido Edition (the name of the Takenouchi Magohachi firm although it was produced in association with Tsuruya Kiemon). This publication was an immediate success for artist and publisher and was repeatedly reprinted. In 1833, Takenouchi Magohachi started to produce actor and warrior prints by Kunisada and Kuniyoshi. However, the next great successes were again landscapes: the Eight Views of omi -omi hakkei no uchi in 1834 and Kisokaido from c1835 by Hiroshige and (in part) Eisen. See Andreas Marks. "Japanese Woodblock Prints, Artists, Publishers and Masterworks 1680-1900". Tuttle Publishing, Tokyo (2010). See also "Takenouchi Magohachi". Japanese Prints. Retrieved 2014-05-25.

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