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Usaburo Kokeshi Studio

卯三郎こけし (Usaburo kokeshi)

The Usaburo Kokeshi Studio is located near Mt. Haruna, where the purple vineyards emit the sweet smell of the wineries. The forest in this peaceful region provides an abundance of wood from which Usaburo's skilled artisans carve kokeshis. The area is famous for producing creative ("Sosaku") kokeshi, which may be differentiated from the traditional ("Dento") kokeshis. Usaburo kokeshis feature the bobbed hair, plump round body, and simple lines that encompass the archaic beauty of the Orient.

The basic designs of kokeshi developed by Usaburo feature this bobbed hair and a plump round body. The simple lines of his products had the somewhat archaic beauty of the Orient, and their characteristic designs were highly regarded in overseas market, too. Usaburo kokeshi is now exported to 18 countries, including European nations. The first All-Gunma Kokeshi Contest was held in 1961, and participants in this annual event compete with one another to develop kokeshi designs and kokeshi-making techniques. Usaburo Kokeshi has taken part in the contest every year, and products carved by our kokeshi artisans have won many prizes not only at this contest but also at the All-Japan Kokeshi Contest. See 'About Usaburo Kokeshi". Usaburo Kokeshi. Retrieved 2014-11-05.

Vintage 11" Hand Carved Creative Kokeshi Doll by Okamoto Usaburo
7.5" Japanese Wood Kokeshi Doll

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