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Yona Ceramics

ヨナ サラミックス (Yona saramikkusu)

Mac and Yona Lippen owned Yona Ceramics. Yona had worked for Heidi Schoop, a prominant California artist during the 1940s and 50s. Schoop made shapely women with skirts that flared out to create bowls. She also created women with arms over their heads holding planters. Consequently, many of Yona's figurines resemble Schoop's original. It appears there were obvious tensions between Schoop and some of her imitators. However, Yona Figurines today have its own following. See Dan Brownell. "Antique Trader Antiques And Collectibles Price Guide". Krause Publications, Wisconsin (2010). p 277.

Vintage 1950's YONA "Say Your Prayers" Angel Figurine Made in Japan

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