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象彦 (Zōhiko)

Zohiko has been making specialized fine lacquer ware products for over 300 years (since 1661). In the eighteenth century, Hikobei Nishimura the third (our 8th president) was given the honorary title of "special artist of gold decoration" by the emperor. He made a special gold decoration panel of the Buddha standing on a white elephant. The people of Kyoto were so impressed by the beauty of the panel that they named it "The Panel of Zohiko". "ZO" means "elephant" in Japanese and "HIKO" is the first part of his name "Hikobei". Subsequently, the shop's name was changed to "Zohiko". Zohiko lacquer ware has impressed many people from all over the world for both its beauty and utility. See "会社概要 Zohiko Company Information". Zohiko. Retrieved 2014-11-05.

ZOHIKO Sakura Cherry Blossom Maki-e Lacquered Coaster Set. Six Coasters w/ Case

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