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International Silver Company

インターナショナルシルバーカンパニー (Intānashonarushirubākanpanī)

If you're familiar with early 20th century silverware, you're probably aware of the International Silver Company. If you collect silver settings of this period, you almost certainly possess the company's wares. The history of the International Silver Company parallels the history of silver manufacturing in Connecticut from the late 19th century until the 1950s. Although the International Silver Company was headquartered in Meriden, Connecticut, for most of its existence, it was initially organized under New Jersey law in November 1898. Within the next few years, ISC purchased 17 silver companies. ISC continued acquiring American and Canadian silver companies into the 1930s. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1927. "History of the International Silver Company". eHow. Retrieved 2015-12-02.

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