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Chobunsai (Hosoda) Eishi

鳥文斎 栄之 (Chōbunsai Eishi)

Chōbunsai Eishi was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist. Born to a well-off samurai family that was part of the Fujiwara clan, Eishi left his employ with the Shogun Ieharu to pursue art. His early works were prints were mostly bijin-ga portraits of beautiful women in a style akin to Kiyonaga and Utamaro. He was a prolific painter, and from 1801 gave up print designing to devote himself to painting. See "Eishi". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2015-10-30.

Ukiyoe Woodblock Print: Hosoda Eishi "Courtesans and Kamuro New Year Attire"

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