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Takahashi Rikio

高橋力雄 (Takahashi Rikio)

Rikio Takahashi specialized in depicting the forms of the Japanese garden, especially the classic gardens of Kyoto. He was the son of a 'Nihonga' ("Japanese-style painting") artist and from 1949-1955 became an important pupil of the seminal figure in Japanese printmaking, Onchi Koshiro (1891-1955), whose late non-representational style had a significant influence. Takahashi studied at the California Institute of Arts in 1962 and 1963 and returned to the United States several years later to work with Ken Tyler at Tyler's renowned Gemini print studio. Takahashi is one of the last true sosaku hanga (creative print) artists. He successfully explored in an abstracted manner various forms found in gardens and nature. He is especially adept at the subtle partial overlay of one or more colors to create varied opacities and textures as well as complexity of shapes. See "Takahashi Rikio, Japanese (1917-1999)". Ro Gallery. Retrieved 2014-10-28.

Kyoto Series No. 33 by RIKIO TAKAHASHI, 1966. Japanese Color Woodblock Print.

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