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Tokuriki Tomikichiro

徳力富吉郎 (Tokuriki Tomikichirou)

The art of Tomikichiro Tokuriki is an important bridge between the two great movements of Japanese art in the early twentieth century; shin hanga and sosaku hanga. Like the classic shin hanga masters of the day, Tokuriki designed many woodcuts of landscapes and city views in the traditional manner. Yet he actively promoted sosaku-hanga (creative prints) in Kyoto, which emphasized the artist's participation in the entire process of printmaking and the exploration of more modern styles and trends. After WWII Tokuriki set up his own publishing company called Matsukyu and began to teach block-carving to artisans and artists, many of them foreigners. He also wrote extensively on the technique of woodblock carving and printing. He traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe and in the 1960's he opened several exhibitions of his works in major U.S. cities such as, New York, Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. See "Tokuriki Tomikichiro Biographical Data". The Lavenberg Collection of Japanese Prints. Retrieved 2014-07-16.; See also Lynita Shimizu. "Tokuriki Sensei". The Shimizu Woodcuts. Retrieved 2014-07-16.

TOMIKICHIRO TOKURIKI Framed Sosaku-Hanga Japanese Woodblock Print Of Nara, Japan
Tomikichiro TOKURIKI Sosaku-Hanga Woodblock Print "Kofukuji Pagoda" Nara, Japan
Sosaku-Hanga Woodblock Print Tomikichiro TOKURIKI "Evening at Kamo River" c.1950

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