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Torii Kiyohiro

鳥居清廣 (Torii Kiyohiro)

Torii Kiyohiro ( fl Edo [now Tokyo], 1751-63; d Edo, 1786). Woodblock print designer, painter and book illustrator. Listed among the members of the Torii studio in 1763, Kiyohiro probably studied under Kiyonobu II ( fl 1725-60), Kiyomasu II or Kiyomitsu I. However, the main influences on his work were Kiyomasu I and ISHIKAWA TOYONOBU. Although a member of the Torii studio, Kiyohiro's extant prints include more bijinga ('pictures of beautiful women') than yakushae ('pictures of actors'). His single-sheet prints were usually large-format benizurie ('pink-printed pictures'; two-colour prints). Kiyohiro's bijinga are better than those of Kiyomasu I, and he was a master of abunae ('dangerous pictures'; erotic prints). He produced the illustrations for kurohon ('black books') and aohon ('blue books'; books for chidren and the semi-literate), including Ise sangu gorisho ('The divine grace of Ise Shrine', 1755; untraced) and Meigetsuhime koiuta monogatari ('The love-poem tale of Princess Full Moon', 1758; Tokyo, Orient. Lib.). He also painted nikuhistuga. See "Torii Kiyohiro". answers.com. Retrieved 2014-06-23.

Japanese Woodblock: KIYOHIRO TORII Ukiyoe Republished By BABA NOBUHIKO c.1930-50

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