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Utagawa Kuniteru II

歌川 国輝(ニ代) (Utagawa Kuniteru (Nidai))

Utagawa Kuniteru II (歌川 国輝 ニ代; 1830-1874) was born Yamada Kunijirō 山田 国次郎 in Edo (Tokyo) and was a print designer, painter and book illustrator. He studied under Utagawa Kunisada I (1786–1865). He produced yakusha-e (actor pictures), bijinga (beautiful women pictures), fuzokuga (pictures of manors and customs), meisho-e (pictures of famous places) sumo-e (pictures of wrestlers) and, most famously bunmei kaika-e (pictures of modernization) in a late Utagawa-school manner. He was known by various names, including the gago Ichiyōsai 一曜斎, Ichiyūsai 一雄斎, Yōsai 曜斎, Ichiransai 一蘭斎, and Kunitsuna II 国綱 (ニ代), Ichiransai Kunitsuna 一蘭斎国綱 and Ikkasai Kunitsuna. Before 1844 he may also have been known as Sadashige 貞重 and signed works with the name Ichiyūsai. He changed his name in 1865 to Kuniteru II. See "Utagawa Kuniteru II". The Lavenberg Collection of Japanese Prints. Retrieved 2015-04-28.

Framed Ukiyoe Sumo Wrestler Woodblock Print by Utagawa Kuniteru II (c. 1867)
Japanese Woodblock Ukiyo-e Print: Utagawa Kuniteru Made 1852. T.Sakai Guarantee.

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