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Utagawa Toyokuni I

歌川豊國 (Utagawa Toyokuni)

Utagawa Toyokuni (Japanese: 歌川豐國 1769 in Edo-24 February 1825 in Edo), also often referred to as Toyokuni I, to distinguish him from the members of his school who took over his go (art-name) after he died, was a great master of ukiyo-e, known in particular for his kabuki actor prints. He was the second head of the renowned Utagawa school of Japanese woodblock artists, and was the artist who really moved it to the position of great fame and power it occupied for the rest of the nineteenth century. See "Utagawa Toyokuni". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2014-05-04.

Wall Decor by PARAGON: HQ Digital Reproduction of Japanese Ukiyoe (Toyokuni)
Framed Antique Japanese Woodblock Print (Utagawa Toyokuni)

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