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Doi Teiichi

土井貞一 (Doi Teiichi)

Teiichi Doi (died 1945) opened his woodblock print publishing business in 1930 in Tokyo, having at that time just returned from San Francisco where he had been an art dealer of Japanese "shin-hanga" prints for the two previous decades. It is no doubt that his experiences in America as a dealer lead him later to his great success as a publisher. Artists whose works were published by Doi were among others Hasui, Koitsu and the French artist Nouet. After Teiichi's death in 1945 his son Eiichi (1917-96) took over the family business, which is still nowadays run by Eiichi's widow and their daughter from their business near Tokyo. See "The Doi Publishing House Seals". Ukiyoe-Gallery.com. Retrieved 2014-10-29.

Japanese Woodblock Shin-Hanga Print: Tsuchiya Koitsu - Fuji from Lake Sai, 1938

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