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Beautiful Person Pictures

美人画 (Bijin-ga)

Bijinga (lit. "beautiful person picture") is a generic term for pictures of beautiful women in Japanese art, especially in woodblock printing of the ukiyo-e genre, which predate photography. Ukiyo-e is a genre of woodblock prints and paintings that was produced in Japan from the 17th century to the 19th century. These woodblock prints depicted beautiful women; kabuki actors and sumo wrestlers; scenes from history and folk tales; travel scenes and landscapes; flowers and animals and erotica. These prints were very popular amongst the Japanese merchands and the middle class of the time. Nearly all ukiyo-e artists produced bijin-ga, it being one of the central themes of the genre. See "Bijin-ga". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2014-12-12.

Ukiyoe Postcard Printed by Fukui Asahido, Ltd. (Japan) Kitagawa Utamaro
Matted Large PATRICK NAGEL Lithograph "Mirage"
2 Japanese UKIYOE Glass Framed Wall Decors by PARAGON
Kitagawa Utamaro "Takashima Ohisa" Matted Woodblock Print (Reproduction)
Two Japanese Tea/Sake Cups With Ukiyoe Beauty (Nakagama Japan)
Eight Ukiyoe Japanese Beauty (Bijin-ga) Postcards by Nasu Royal Museum of Art
Japanese Woodblock: KIYOHIRO TORII Ukiyoe Republished By BABA NOBUHIKO c.1930-50
Japanese Woodblock Ukiyo-e Print: Utagawa Kuniteru Made 1852. T.Sakai Guarantee.
Wall Decor by PARAGON: HQ Digital Reproduction of Japanese Ukiyoe (Keisai Eisen)
Framed Antique Japanese Woodblock Print (Utagawa Toyokuni)
Kitagawa Utamaro "Young Woman Blowing Glass Pipe" Woodblock Print Reproduced by DAIICHI KOGEI
Patrick Nagel "Blue sweater" Matted Print (c. 1990)
Antique Japanese Framed Woodblock Ukiyoe Print. KEISAI EISEN (aka Yeisen, Ikeda)

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