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Kacho-ga Bird-And-Flower Pictures

花鳥画 (Kachō-ga)

The Japanese term Kacho-ga, or Kacho-e, (花鳥画) refers to the Ukiyo-e images of birds and flowers. This type of ukiyoe took as its main subjects birds, grasses, and flowers. Some focused only on grasses and flowers, while in others insects such as cicadas, bees, and butterflies appeared in place of birds. There were in fact a large number of sub-types, including some that depicted animals like dogs, rabbits, or deer, in combination with flowers or trees.

Especially after the appearance of so-called nishiki-e ("brocade pictures"), which used a large number of different colors, ukiyoe masters became fond of the kachoga genre as a way of demonstrating their pictorial skills. Hokusai also left some outstanding works of this genre, including, in so-called "horizontal large-size format," such works as "Peonies and Butterflies," "Poppies," "Hydrangeas and Swallows," "Sparrows and Irises," and "Rabbit-Ear Irises and Katydids." In medium-size format, he produced a well-known work titled "Japanese Grosbeak and Four O'Clocks." Hiroshige poured tremendous energy into his flower-and-bird pictures, in terms of both quantity and quality. They virtually overflow with poetic emotion, skillfully harmonizing dexterous brushwork with a rich feel for the seasons. See "Pictures of Flowers and Birds (Kachoga)". Web Japan. Retrieved 2015-11-17.

Early 1900s Matsumoto-Do Japanese Kacho-e Bird Flower Woodblock Print
Japanese Kacho-e/Ukiyoe Woodblock Print Utagawa HIROSHIGE "Bird and Plum"
Framed Japanese Kacho-e/Ukiyoe Woodblock Print Reproduction HOKUSAI Java Sparrow

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