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Sosaku Hanga Woodblock Prints

創作版画 (Sōsaku hanga)

The birth of the sosaku-hanga movement was signaled by Kanae Yamamoto's (1882-1946) small print called "Fisherman" in 1904. Departing from the ukiyo-e collaborative system, Kanae Yamamoto made the print solely on his own, all the way from drawing, carving and printing. Such principles of "self-drawn" (jiga), "self-carved" (jikoku) and "self-printed" (jizuri), according to which the artist, with the desire of expressing the self, is the sole creator of art. The movement struggled for existence in prewar Japan along with other art movements, and gained its momentum and flourished in postwar Japan as the genuine heir of the ukiyo-e tradition. See "Sosaku hanga". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2014-11-6.

Tajima Hiroyuki "Almanac" Sosaku-Hanga Japanese Woodblock Pencil Sign 1967 50~5
Kiyoshi Saito Sosaku Hanga Small Japanese Modern Woodblock Print
TOMIKICHIRO TOKURIKI Framed Sosaku-Hanga Japanese Woodblock Print Of Nara, Japan
MIKI KAN KAWADA Japanese Woodblock Print "Gifu Castle" (1968) 2/50
Sosaku-Hanga Woodblock Print TOSHI YOSHIDA, Titled "Impression B" (1959)
Sosaku-Hanga Woodblock Print TOSHI YOSHIDA, Titled "D" (1962)
Tomikichiro TOKURIKI Sosaku-Hanga Woodblock Print "Kofukuji Pagoda" Nara, Japan
Sosaku-Hanga Woodblock Print Tomikichiro TOKURIKI "Evening at Kamo River" c.1950
Kyoto Series No. 33 by RIKIO TAKAHASHI, 1966. Japanese Color Woodblock Print.
Signed YO IWASHITA (HIROSHI), Noah's Ark No. 2, Woodblock, 1970, Lt Ed 17/100

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